10 August 2011


Keeping things in the San Francisco metropolitan area, and here's yet another band I missed out on while I was living in the Midwest. It's cool, because I got to see a shitheap of Midwest bands while I was there, and our house was really sweet...but shit this band rules. No frills, just killer US hardcore with the perfect vocal snarl - JUMP OFF A BUILDING left us with two cassette demos (recorded in '05 and '06), both presented here for your enjoyment...and if you don't enjoy "Left Out" then you might want to ponder whether or not you like hardcore punk, because that song is as close to a perfect example as I can imagine. I didn't miss out entirely, as the first OPT OUT show at Thrillhouse was supporting the one and only reunion show by these fine gents, who now play in RANK/XEROX, BROKEN MEN and other bands you should probably hear.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this,got a split of these guys with the culture kids.
will post on my blog soon.
my old blog is dead heres a new one.


Toothbrush said...

john from this band spent a bit of time out here in New Zealand. He was rad.

Matt said...

wow, awesome, i didn't know these existed. all i have is the split with the culture kids and their 7".