22 August 2011


The name of this band is sure to result in some unintended traffic to this blog (currently, several visitors a day find their way to a treasure trove of punk cassette downloads by entering the search terms WOMEN IN PRISON and SEX PRISONER), but hopefully those pervs who find their way here will stick around and listen to some seriously deranged jams from Alabama's JAPANESE WOMEN. Plodding and deliberate noisy hardcore with sinister vocals that put them in line with the world of punk bands that people seem to think are primitive black metal bands because they sound evil. This is mid tempo damage of the highest caliber, courtesy of Tapes Of A Neon God.


Emile said...

such a good tape!

Dk said...

I dig that fuzzed out texture and that seriously deranged anger going on. Kills.

Anderson said...

I did the art on this thing, so if you like the art we can be friends and talk about caves. I'll start: what's your favorite type of cave?