12 August 2011


Karoline and I went on an excursion to Sacramento and Woodland last weekend, looking for records, looking for interesting picture frames, looking for stereo and camera equipment...just generally spending the day with a couple of good friends and trying to rid the Earth's landfills of a few potentially useful items. I bought a few records (the SCALA 3 LP is nothing special, but will do well on the next '80s DJ night, while the NERVOUS GENDER 12" that Jon suggested turned out to be, not surprisingly, quite excellent, and the TITMACHINE EP was a pleasantly noisy surprise), Dionne bought two ancient video cameras, and one of them even works. But never mind the haul (which also included the tape deck that ripped today's post - $6.35!), you came here for a comp, and I found a fukkn winner in the depths of the cassette wall at Russel's Murder Shack in Sacramento. This is Volume 1 of what was a five tape collection from Third Mind released in 1983 (my copy is the reissue from Statutory Tape) - obviously, it would have been sweet to find the whole set, but for 95 cents, you won't find me complaining. Brilliantly awkward early industrial madness from the likes of CHRIS AND COSEY, SECTION 25, ATTRITION (my favorite track on the tape), LEGENDARY PINK DOTS and others. The first side mostly fits into the world of dark and introspective but still danceable industrial music, but shit gets real dark on the flip. After the 8+ minute NURSE WITH WOUND track filled with eerie vocal manipulations, the listener is treated to harsh and primitive industrial noise from the likes of SUTCLIFFE JUGEND and DDAA before the side mellows out to a psychedelic and noisy end with JOHN WURST and HUMAN FLESH. Fukkn brilliant sounds - and in keeping with my Bay Area theme, I bought it in Sacramento. Not technically the Bay Area, I suppose, but we let them claim it because there are some pretty cool folks there.

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