26 August 2011


A friend of The Escape just bestowed a killer handful of loaners on me, given to him by family members upon their return from a vacation to Spain. The story goes: mom is in Barcelona, walks into a record store, tells the folks at the store that her son is into punk and asks do they have any local punk stuff. That's a pretty cool mom, and a grip of '80s Spanish bootleg cassettes was the result. This mix tape is a collection of classic early Spanish punk releases, so I'll just tell you that you need these songs in your life instead of describing what they all sound like. They all sound good. Enjoy.

Recomendado Para Molestar A Su Vecino EP (1982)
Espasmodicos mini LP (1983)
tracks from Punk, Que Punk? comp (1983)
Terrorismo Sonoro EP (1983)
live tracks, 198?
No  12" EP 1983
El Payaso/Requiem 45 (1984)
Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra/Inkisicion 45 (1983)
- G.R.B. - 
G.R.B. EP (1986) 


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nick said...

killer! kangrena tape is real good, never heard Larsen before. obviously Vulpess single is two of the best songs of all time

Anonymous said...

Vulpess! I am downloading this right the hell now.