09 August 2011


This band started right after I left the Bay Area, and were gone in a flash after this demo and a self released EP with many of the same songs. Recorded in 2003 and on the front end of the melodic crust explosion, IN THE WAKE OF THE PLAGUE avoid many of those trappings and instead opt for smart rampaging hardcore. The vocals seal the package with a pained and insistent attack that owes far more to '80s hardcore than to any kind of new millennium crust. There's BORN//DEAD personnel involved (listen to the half time break in "Children Of Enoch," it's undeniable), but I think this demo dwarfs that comparison...this kills.


mikxxx said...

in case you have NO OPTIONS demo (the band before born/dead) do you mind to post it?thanx in advance...more hardcore/punk!!!!

mikxxx said...

any luck no options demo (former members of born/dead)???
thanx in advance

(this is a fuckin good demo)

the wizard said...

Familiar with the band, but you won'r be getting that demo from this guy - only because I don't have a copy.
Cheers -

Anonymous said...

tony and george also went on to stormcrow.

paul barger said...

Thanks for the nice review / words, man.