01 July 2011


Nine bands, 14 songs, and music from all over the punk spectrum. After an admittedly slow start (SCREWHEADS and ANAK NG KAPRE are charming, if rudimentarily inept and traditional ska from the brilliantly named TOILET SCANDAL follows), things really get rolling with the chaos thrash of DRASTIC NOISE and killer catchy street punk from DEAD SPERM. Then on the flip side the tape kicks into high gear: metallic motorpunk (BIOFEEDBACK), amateurish political street punk (BAD OMEN), gloriously incompetent Oi (PUTANG I NAS) and my two favorite songs on the tape: chaotic ragers from the female fronted MONGOLOIDS. These two tracks alone are well worth the whole tape, but a document like this is valuable on so many different levels....being punk in Philippines in 1993 was a world apart from the zine trading and workshops that were taking place in the US, and had little to do with the black clad anti-goverment crusters roaming Europe. Never Forget The Cause highlights bands on the first wave of DIY punk in Southeast Asia.


jerry said...

never liked any punk from PHILIPPINES just not my thing

Anonymous said...

Punk bands from Philippines are about as varied in style and quality as from any other country in the world, and this comp is a great example of that. Whatever kind of punk you like, I'm sure you can find it in Philippines, unless you are simply too lazy or closed minded to seek it out. That comment totally pissed me off, but then I listened to those Mongoloids songs and everything got a lot better.

Thanks for the post, and please keep opening minds!

Roilo Golez said...

Thank for posting this, i've documenting the early Philippine punk scene on my blog,
If you're interested, you can check it there.

Great work, keep posting those obscure tapes !!!

Anonymous said...

"Never Forget The Cause highlights bands on the first wave of DIY punk in Southeast Asia"

-This is not the first wave of punk in SEA. Checkout the Brave New World era/Twisted Red Cross bands from the 80's.

the wizard said...

Already posted DEAD ENDS, and GI + The Idiots will be coming up shortly. And there are heaps more '80s bands from Philippines well worth checking out (ETHNIC FACES, DECEASED...and speaking of which, I'm looking for a copy of the "Where Do We Go From Here? comp cassette).
While I know that there were bands (and obviously independent ones) that pre-date this tape by several years, "Never Mind The Cause" was released when it seemed like there was more of a DIY community developing - a community committed to underground punk, and not just the style. Obviously I live very far from there, so I might be wrong in my perception but that is the first wave I was referring to.
Thanks for stopping by, and if you've got any of that Twisted Red Cross label stuff that needs a new home...I might know a guy!

JCS-ONE said...

man this tape is tight. my main roots to be involved in hardcore punk scene especially in our local scene. BIOFEEDBACK is like a god to me. of course MONGOLOIDS has its own appeal to me. Too bad that's the only recorded songs they have. hey man check out my blog i am also into tape collection.though i am collecting more on hip hop. i guess you wouldn't like it? i also post something about abalienation and i came upon to your blog because i am searching about them in the internet. of course i've download the demo you post a long time ago. by the way is artimus pyle still playing?

JCS-ONE said...

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