12 July 2011


NO SANCTUARY was active in Philadelphia during the mid/late '00s, forging their path with a pigeon hole defying version of DIY punk. To describe them lazily, NO SANCTUARY play modern anarcho punk, moody, dark, often led by the bass guitar, with a style unmistakably shaped by American basement punk shows. While their style is truly their own, you will still hear snippets that reference certain bands (new and old) contained in these jerky rhythms and dissonant guitars.  The mostly instrumental "Satellites" is the standout track, with searing, choppy guitars that owe as much to primitive black metal as they do to angular punk, and the gruff vocal delivery on "We Refuse To Sing" would put these kids right in line with any number of second wave UK bands while the brooding pace of "Multiply" harkens to the darker goth side of anarcho without eschewing the punk roots. This tape is not pretty, the anger and frustration are as evident as the passion for the music, and that's what makes it beautiful. I got these songs from the guitarist years ago (thanks Brad), but just recently came across a cassette version (thanks Peter) and am happy to share it here.

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