05 July 2011


Continuing on a theme of by-the-books hardcore executed with surgical precision, and staying in Halifax for a second day while I'm at it. RISKY BUSINESS bulldoze their way through five tunes filled with obvious New York and Boston hardcore influences. There is an art to crafting a hardcore song around the perfect breakdown, and RISKY BUSINESS are like the second coming of Picasso on this demo - crushing breakdowns surrounded by meaty cro-mangnon hardcore. If the music hadn't sold me (it did), then the lyrics would have picked up the slack: "Look at this mess you've fuckin' got yourself in / You've just lost a friend, your shit's worn thin / I'll stand down and turn the other cheek / Your life is fuckin' shitty and that's good enough for me." No clue what happened to these dudes after this 2004 demo tape, but if this is the document you have left as your band's legacy....well, you could do a lot worse. RISKY BUSINESS are like the good natured, well intentioned meatheads who hang out at shows and are mostly awesome dudes, even though you find yourself shaking your head sometimes wondering what they were thinking when they did that stupid thing that they felt really bad about the next day...it's like that, but in the form of music. And it rules.

"Livin' each day with a stick up your ass / Doin' it our way means having a blast / Every little thing seems to piss you off / You better fuckin' chill 'cause I've had enough / Turn that fuckin' frown upside down / A little hard work and we can can turn it around / Life is too short to be down in the dumps / If you you wanna chill with us then you gotta loosen up / Yeah!! Ungh!! Loosen, Loosen Up!!"

from "Loosen Up" (and yes, the "Ungh!!" is printed on the lyric sheet)


God Harvest said...

These guys are awesome. I actually toured around the mid-west with them in my old band. I drove around in the back of a hearse in Missouri with the guitarist. Super nice dudes. I actually found out that Canada paid for them to tour. Yeah. Federal grants. Love it. Nice post! Brings me back.

mel said...

gonna post any old brit anarcho punk any time soon new stuff is great but it's good mix thing up got any old 70's or 80's irish punk not much of that on the net.

Anonymous said...

"but it's good mix thing up?"


This demo is great!! reminds me of the feel and sound of early Breakdown!