14 July 2011


I never got to see this band, but their 2004 Nineteen To The Dozen LP still gets regular spins, and I love their seemingly illogical marriage of tough Boston hardcore with melodic late '80s US punk guitars (HÜSKER DÜ, MISSION OF BURMA, et al), a union that sounds especially huge on this live radio set. Some of the guitar leads start to become a little gratuitous, but then they launch into a song like "Nosebleed" and you remember that you are listening to a hardcore band - a really good hardcore band. A criminally under recognized band, in my humble opinion...this set was recorded live on WERS in 2003.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, yes. Thanks for this. Any band with Terry Cuozzo and Eric Yu in it is all right in my book.

PJ "Das Kobra" Kinzer said...

Great tape! Reminds me of a darker Swiz. It got a lot of play on my deck when I got it.

Ryan B, said...

These guys have an awesome Assfactor 4 kinda vibe. Into it.