29 July 2011


Gloriously fukkd melodic punk from THE BOOS, the same charm that makes WHITE TRASH SUPERMAN one of the best at this game seeps through a wash of basement dust and beer. FURY OF A THOUSAND ZEUSES released one EP in ridiculously low quantities right after I moved to Milwaukee in 2002, and this demo was a sweet find after wearing the grooves of that slab down until they were paper thin. Chaotic and brilliantly crafted Midwest hardcore punk steeped in the tradition of the region and reared on alcohol and speed, catchy as shit with brilliant guitars buried once again under an appropriately shitty recording. This tape is bizarrely still available, probably because Eric gets wasted and makes copies on a boom box in his bedroom: ericapnea(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Today is the start of the Riverwest 24, one of the single greatest events of which I've ever been a part (and I am, to be fair, but a very small part). A total test of endurance for riders and volunteers alike, this year shapes up to be even more insane that last, and I can't wait for the 7:00CST start. Expect more Milwaukee sounds tomorrow to continue my appreciation for my old home.


Harvester said...

Yes! I love the folks involved with these bands...and I love these bands!

vickz said...

Hey hey, reupload please? the link is dead, thanks since already!

the wizard said...