30 June 2011


TEMPESTA play crushing modern crust...the kind that will make you happy if new Euro-crust is just not quite metal enough - or perhaps if you find that the metal coming out these days just doesn't have enough of a punk edge. The vocals are what make this for me; harsh and brutal, and spit out with sinister precision. The music is a charged metallic onslaught filled with more than enough riffing and thrashing madness to please the most judgemental hessian, with start/stop riffs and a crushing pace that hardly lets up for longer than a gratuitous intro. TEMPESTA are all of the good things about fast and nasty hardcore - and they come to us via cassette courtesy of Trabuc, which is a mark of quality if there ever was one. Oh yeah...there's a KREATOR cover that kinda rules.


Zack said...

This is neat. Thanks. Trubac also put out my favorite record of last year, Deskonocidos-en la oscuridad, which everyone in the world should purchase right now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Trabuc has good shit. The best for me: Horrör "Descontroladas" 12''.
I highly recomend it. I'm curious to listen to Tempesta.

Swill said...

I dare say...this rules!!! grit as fuuuuuuck