04 July 2011


Definitely more crust than noise, NAPALM RAID crash through eight tunes filled with amped up DOOM riffing and heavy Japanese hardcore influences. Everything here is pretty much by the book, but not unlike yesterday's post - if you're going to do it, then you had better fukkn do it right. Love the guitar leads, especially the metallic bits on "Run Like Hell," and the gutteral vocals push this tape over the top. Also,  since it's America day...they are from Canada.

NAPALM RAID are touring the West Coast now, and most of these songs got crammed onto an EP by the Rust And Machine folks. 


Anonymous said...

This one and the Trench Rot are off the charts awesome.

Doug said...

i fuckin wholeheartedly agree with the anonymous commenter...these are absolutely crucial.

Anonymous said...

hi...bought both napalm raid eps after hearing this demo...cheers... noizeannoyz

Anonymous said...

Could you set up a new download link (zip)?
The Mediafire shit dosen't work. Thanx

the wizard said...