25 July 2011


Noisy, chaotic, and clearly well versed in the classics, THE LOWEST FORM have dished out a demo that keeps blowing my mind every time I listen to it. They sound frightened and uncomfortable, which is how you will feel after listening to this at full volume. But instead of my uninformed descriptors, here's what the band said when I asked them for song titles: "Yes, please share the tape. The band isn't mysterious, thensinger is really lazy and didn't get the tittles on time. The band is a hardcore band. That's all."  So there you go - no song tittles and a really lazy thensinger and a hardcore band that has spent more than a few hours cramming ferocious Japanese hardcore into brains steeped in monstrous UK thrash. There's an EP out now too, you should buy one.


BIG BOB said...

good shit

Josh Niezen said...

why only 7 tracks from the titular 9 track demo?