17 July 2011


This tape took a lot of mental gymnastics to try to describe. There's a feel to their riffs and song structure that reminds me of KYLESA - rather mathematic but not pretentious, but I get the feeling that they are a metal band. It might be the vocals (sinister and evil and distorted throughout), but it's really just a general vibe thing...I feel like HAUST are metalheads. Whatever they are, or wherever they come from (Norway), I love these downtuned headbanging anthems.


abdul alhazred said...

I love this band. Scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

Well you are right about the metal thing, but they are also punk as fuck, that is probably more evident on the release before this one: "ride the relapse"
they dub them selves the cosmetic genre tag: "necrosludge" and the vocalist is actualy a raging mountain troll out of the kittelsen paintings.

I am Norwegian lucky to have withnessed them live a few times, and cant recomend the experience enough.