15 July 2011


For the folks who enjoyed Bad Entrails 1 and 3, I present you with the next odd numbered volume in the series: Bad Entrails 5. This 1987 compilation tape (just like the previous volumes) features many well known mid/late '80s ragers and a handful of overlooked and under appreciated acts. The Psychic Brain Slash folks were masters at making a mix tape with the appropriate flow - an aspect of a good compilation that is perhaps more important than the quality of the songs. As an example, THE COOLIES otherwise unnecessary psychedelic versions of SIMON & GARFUNKEL classics sound pretty good coming right out of the IMPOTENT SEA SNAKES track (admittedly, these COOLIES tracks are pretty bad and are the cassette's low point, but the transition still works quite well). They start to steer away from strictly hardcore bands, with the aforementioned bands and BIG BLACK, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, and BEEFEATER making appearances, but these acts are tempered with CHRIST ON PARADE, FANG, GANG GREEN, ADRENALINE O.D. and a host of other rippers including Florida's AMAZING GRACE whose first track is positively smoking shit-hot Motörpunk (the two best songs on the tape are AMAZING GRACE's "No Solution" and the EFFIGIES mystifying goth/disco/'70s cop show montage number "Something That..."). 90 minutes of action, with two tracks on the B side that are not listed and I cannot seem to identify (even though I know I own copies of both - which makes it even more frustrating). Help in this department would be appreciated, but mostly I just want you to blast this while you start the weekend.


zhollows said...

Let the blasting commence!

Anonymous said...

aren't the 2 unknown tracks some more AOD tracks??? if it ain't them, it sounds a LOT like them

the wizard said...

I think you are correct, but they are not listed. "Unknown" will hopefully inspire more people (like you) to solve the mystery and share. I like sharing.