30 July 2011


HUSERE GRAV create some of the most ominous and cavernous music I've come across, ranging from  dark ambient soundscapes to harsh jolting noise. On these 9 tracks, they cover the full spectrum of sound and emotion, ending with "Burning Pictures," which comes off like a rail car lumbering angrily through a burning world. While their sounds are intense, nothing can prepare you for the onslaught of Milwaukee's TRTRKMMR - so cacophonous that the listener is lulled into submission. The percussion tracks on this recording are manually mutilated, and they provide the background a pure hatred, music that is as confusing as it is awe inspiring. The guitars push the boundaries of kvlt black metal into new territory, and the vocals soar with the subtlety of an air raid. The last two tracks are the most conventional, "Torpid Yet Sentient" is a plodding and simple song that even hints at melody within the confines of these harsh sounds, and "The Loved Dead" descends into a whirlwind that is almost soothing after the disjointed and unnerving 25 minutes. This is one of the most intense listens you will find on Terminal Escape.

There are still copies left of this very short run release, TRTRKMMR can be reached at: thethirdofthestorms(at)gmail(com)

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Anonymous said...

Very weird, very ugly music. But strangely enjoyable for some reason. Thanks for this.