27 July 2011


SAME-SEX DICTATOR are making some of the ugliest music around, combining the low end hollow attack of GODHEADSILO with the incessant fury of modern distorted noisy crust/hardcore bands. The vocals are a sinister blend of black metal anguish and early HR snarl, and the whole production is indescribably pissed. This came as a gift to Terminal Escape, and to gift your own copy, I suggest contacting: jebodiah_b(at)yahoo(dot)com. Their recent 12" is more of the same rage, but this four song banger should serve as a perfect primer.


yabanjin said...

AH, dead link! I dearly want to have what's left of my face ripped off by the Frankenstein mutant sounds you describe. Can you re-upload/link this?

the wizard said...