04 September 2010


Europeans love the shit out of crust. I know that we have had our flings with crust and Dbeat here in Americaland as well, but seriously, the Europeans cannot seem to get enough of it. The result of this love affair with a predominantly monotone subgenre of our beloved punk rock is a ten story high rubbish heap of utterly forgettable records and tapes (and, oh yes, the fukkn CDs!!!) released by legions of utterly forgettable third rate Eurocrusters, sucking up the very resources that these bands sing about saving. But this love affair also brings us bands like YAKUZA HORROR, who remind me that such a done to death brand of rage can be rendered exciting once again - that crust is popular because sometimes it's fukkn GOOD. Dual vocals (the high raspy one and the low gutteral one), killer straightforward tunes and a classic approach to DBeat hardcore/crust...this shit slips into just about every cliché, but after one song I stopped caring, because it all works so well. The band comes from Spain, and the demo comes from 2005 - enjoy your Saturday.

Story of the day, courtesy of one of my bosses at work:
DOCTOR, upon examining my boss: "Interesting, you seem to have what we call 'Cocaine Nose.'"
BOSS: "Well, I've done cocaine every day for the last 50 years."


Doug said...

thanks wizard. this fucking kills.

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