22 September 2010


I heard that your day wasn't going quite fast enough, and that there were not nearly enough movie samples between the songs that make up the soundtrack for your life. Well you're in luck, chumps, because I have the 2005 demo from Malaysian crossover thrashcore studs SARJAN HASSAN. Eight songs in under ten minutes, vocals that land somewhere between a scream and a shriek, and drums that fly by in a blur...and then there are the circle pit breakdowns - you must have circle pit breakdowns. These dudes did a split tape with one of my bands a few years ago, and we played with them in KL in 2008 (they took 30 minutes to set up, and then tore the roof off the joint all out of tune and thrashtastic)...the guitarist looked like this afterwards, I guess he was pretty stoked:



sorry for the misunderstanding Sarcasm for something ealse for the past week i have gotten a bunch of comments posted on my blog calling me a nazi.ive gotten some nasty email as well even a death threat so you see that i am on edge a bit i shouldn't let shit get to me but being called that realy get's to me cus my grandfather brother was in the ss and worked at a death camp thats why i am extremely sensitive to being called that word once again i am sorry.


Stevie said...

Not sure what that comment has to do with Asian Thrash Attack? Fuck it! Thanks for this post, Wizard, I like the full on crossover stuff this band plays now, butthis demo is so much more raw and I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Thaaank youuuu! =]

Zak said...

Woohoo! Thanks wizard! This was one of the few things I didn't have by SxHx.