29 September 2010


The first time I toured Europe, in 2003, we played a brilliant show in Vrah, Czech Republic. A tiny village with a punk venue on top of a hill...great bands, enthusiastic (and slightly warped) punks, and a disco party after the show that would have been brilliant had it not been for the 14 hour drive that awaited us the next morning. The man behind Malarie Records was manning his distro stall, and let all of us listen to the stuff that we had never heard of - including Poland's EWA BRAUN. Released by Nikt Nic Nie Wie in 1994 (and they still have vinyl versions available - I strongly suggest that you order a copy), Love Peace Noise is the kind of record that envelops you, and was the soundtrack to an alcohol fueled restless night filled with fruitless and futile attempts at sleep while the dance party raged in the next room. This tape defies genre classification, EWA BRAUN take the off kilter rock and post punk sounds from bands like yesterday's SMIERC KLINICZNA and Polish pioneers KRYZYS and add crushing and chaotic walls of sound. The 6 minute dirge "Ziemia" that opens the second side owes as much to HAWKWIND as it does to the first waves of Seattle grunge, and sets a tone mirrored by most of the tape...dark and introspective, chaotic and on the verge of violence. This band was active around the same time as Canada's ONE EYED GOD PROPHECY, and it conjures similar emotions when I listen to it, though the bottled angst on Love Peace Noise is more restrained and somehow more tense at the same time. I bought the LP from Martin that night, and snagged a copy of the cassette so we could listen to it the next day on our drive to Poland...I still pull it out often, and today that cassette is yours to enjoy.


The Boo said...

Great post. That was one awesome disco party to "sleep" through!

the wizard said...

Not half as awesome as the drive to Lublin. Ahh...adventure!

Petya V said...

thank you sir

Anonymous said...

check this blog:


there's a lot of stuff archival punk / new wave stuff from 80's and early 90's

cheers / oi666oi

Andrew TSKS said...

Oh hey, I'm finally listening to this! It rules. You were right about the One Eyed God Prophecy reference, which is especially enjoyable to me because I love that band and always wished they had released more stuff.