07 September 2010


Yesterday morning we wrapped up the mixing for the VACCUUM records (two EPs plus some other stuff, hopefully all out in the near future), and today I give you the 1982 LP from Dutch "rhythmbox" rockers VACUÜM (copied onto tape, of course). This cassette copy is missing a couple of tracks, but that is more than made up for by the great original mix (the 2005 remix that circled the web sounds too modern and clean - who wants that in their punk? not me...). This two piece lands somewhere between cartoon punk and Deutsch punks CHAOS Z, and while the vibe (and the primitive drum machine) might a little too bouncy and happy sounding for some, this tape is still rammed with driving punk songs and a killer piercing guitar sound. VACUÜM were among the first punk bands from Holland to sing entirely in Dutch (even the cover of DEAD KENNEDYS "Nazi Punks Fuck Off," or rather "Nazipux Rot Op"), and arguably the first to rely entirely on programmed drums. This record is definitely random, if not necessarily rare..."Aerobic Pogo" and the primitive techno backbeat to "Vissen" are my favorites, but you should not take my word for it - dive in and make your own favorites. 



Curious Guy said...

Great stuff! Too bad most people won't understand the lyrics. Their 1st LP is quite hard to find, not many copies made. They did a 2nd album 'Feest'. Used to know the bassplayer as he later played in E.N.E. Showed me cool pix of Vacuum live when I stayed in Groningen in the early 90's.
Glad there's more than UK punk. Punk is an international thing. Why limiting your taste to one country?

Anonymous said...

UK shit is a little boring after a while, I wanna say thanx for mixing everything up on this blog. I never know what I'm going to get and that's probably why I keep looking!
Cheers - Zøe

powerful violet said...

Is this the same Vacuum that did a split with Richard Harrison??