14 September 2010


A great five track burner from EYES ON YOU. 1986's killer Received With Thanks 12" was one of the last releases from COR Records (who were also responsible for records from POLITICAL ASYLUM, CHAOS UK, XPOZEZ, SACRILEGE, A.O.A. and loads more), and this demo from the previous year features more of the same tuneful punk. Clearly a few US bands had infiltrated the band's sound, and Bob Mould's vocal patterns are just as evident as the MOVING TARGETS guitar parts (Bob Mould creeps back in during the solos), and EYES ON YOU use those influences blatantly to crank out catchy punk full of huge guitars and hooks galore while never straying to far away from their UK punk foundation. I have no cover and no information about this tape other than what you see in the scan, and I apologize for posting this without so much as song titles...but I'm sure you will find the music well worthy of overlooking this relatively minor shirking of my duties as blog administrator.


Anonymous said...

ta for posting this it was one of my wants!

str8ev said...

you had me at MOVING TARGETS