02 September 2010


Back to South America today, with Colombia's ANTITODO and NADA from Ecuador. ANTITODO play 80s UK influenced hardcore punk full of catchy fist in the air choruses, raw delivery and killer double snare hits and I'm hooked. "Largate!!" is a great UK82 burner, and the bouncy rhythm of "Mundo Falso" is totally infectious - these songs were recorded in 2000, but could have just as easily come from 1984 (or from South Central LA circa 2010). NADA are rougher, rawer and offer up eight rudimentary hardcore punk tunes. Plodding 1-2-1-2 beats and gruff vocals buried in the tape hiss, but still songs like "Invasión Yankee" manage to shine. ¿Te usta el Punk?


Anonymous said...

Sorry Wiz but it gets my goat whenever people spell my country with a "u"...it's not the university!! COLOMBIA...Antitodo also split a 7" with Kontraorden on Bajo Perfil, wondefully raw. Great blog!!

the wizard said...

My error is noted, and with my apologies, has been corrected. Thanks for the comments!!

Not said...

hey man, pues de name of the band from ecuador is "NAPA", not "NADA".
cheers and nosVENOM !!!! thnx by the post!

...."Te Gusta el punk?"
..yeahh pues si parcero Ai laiked