13 September 2010


Today, Noise Punk Mondays honors the departure from the Bay Area of Uncle Lo-Lo. Logan (that's what God named him - it was society that dubbed the man "Uncle Lo-Lo") has been all butt-hurt lately because he claims that I give more love to Albany than to Texas on The Escape, so today I present Logan's raw DBeat punk band: VAASKA.  Killer noisy shits with unmistakable rock down through the very core -even when they try to deliver bare bones DBeat, VAASKA tweak it just fukkn right. They are playing shows in Europe soon, and even my European friends will agree upon seeing them live: You can take the raw DBeat out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the raw DBeat. Killer cover of "¡Policia No!" to close out this fukkn rager, and on the day that Uncle Lo-Lo boards a plane and ends his entirely too short stay in San Francisco, let it be known that I have love for Texas. A bizarre and conflicted love, especially after my adolescence spent languishing there, but a love nonetheless. 


trAsh said...

i imagine this is what it would sound like if garage rockers and dbeat freaks had a fight in the street....like in West Side Story!

Logan said...

way to make things right. You are welcome in Texas any time. It's the state that loves you back .