12 September 2010


I realize that this might be a tough sell for a lot of folks who stop by The Escape, but I assure you that if you take the leap, you will be rewarded with wonderful tunes. This tape came to me courtesy of Terminal Escape visitors (like yourself) who also happen to be friends, and it falls well outside of the rather narrow musical parameters that I have set up here (though that was not my intent at the outset - it just kinda happened that way because I'm into punk) but GUIGNOL & MISCHIEF BREW define their own parameters on this release, so preconceptions be damned. Fight Dirty is a fucking party on wheels - equal parts Old West soundtrack, Gypsy fireside brawls, Eastern European horn ensemble, THE POGUES on steroids and a smattering of THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS...it exists on a whole different plane, and that plane is way more fun than the one we are currently spending our time on. 

Also - I saw DEVIATED INSTINCT Saturday night and was pretty floored. Only stayed for a few songs since I'm a grown up and have to get up early to go to work (which doesn't necessarily make me an adult...it might make me working class, or perhaps just an idiot, the jury is still out) but I STRONGLY encourage punks on the West Coast to go see these fools - shit was amazing. Sunday in San Francisco, hopefully I'll stay for the whole thing!


trAsh said...

thanks wiz! so nice to have some story telling punk!

tyler said...

this is missing track 14. any possibility of getting that?