28 September 2010


The title says it all, but this tape leaves me with as many questions as answers. Poland's SMIERC KLINICZNA released two relatively ripping singles on the Polish state Tonpress label in 1983 and 1984, but these tracks, recorded live from 1982-84 reveal a much more rock oriented side of the band. Songs like "Kukurydza" hint towards the trash that those EPs offered, but most of this tape focuses on killing psychedelic jams and creating party vibes...it almost makes me wonder if those two state label EPs were attempts to "market" the band to "punks" - perhaps I'm reading (or hearing) too much into these tracks, but the vibe I get is completely different from how I feel after spinning "ASP" b/w "Jestem Ziarnkiem Piasku" (which I did just now so I could confirm this vibe thing I'm experiencing at the moment). "Siekiera" starts off as the rager on this tape (the song has nothing to do with the band of the same name), but it then digresses into a downtempo chill out with sporadic vocals reminiscent of southern neighbors F.P.B., and fits in nicely with the 'festival feel' set by most of this tape. At first listen, "Nie Przedpraszaj" and the prematurely cut off "Homokracja" might seem even further removed from the punk umbrella, but if it's raining, but I assure you that these songs do not mind staying dry underneath the protective punk shelter.  Call this one "psych/punk meets hippie/rock meets total/art/weirdness under the Iron Curtain and records two live tapes over three years" - enjoy if you dare, but an open mind and historical context might be required for full appreciation.

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