10 September 2010


You want killer mix tapes on your Friday - and fukk, you've earned it, so why shouldn't I deliver? Well, luckily for you (and for my reputation), delivery is one of my specialties! Today, I present The Apathy Compilation, courtesy of Apathy Tapes...this mix comes from 1981 and was likely put together by an enterprising young chap (or lass) in his (or her) bedroom late at light while the parents were asleep. "Job well Done" I say to Apathy Tapes, because this is a top notch collection of early UK punk, featuring the likes of VIOLATION, DISTORT, CHRONIC, LIVING DEAD, FRICTION AGITATORS and others over the course of one glorious hour (give or take a few minutes). This shit is all top quality, so dig  in like I know you want to. I want at least a dozen comments about how great this tape is.


Anonymous said...

Listened to this on the way home from work. The 45 mins trip flew by. Awesome. Thanks

Henk said...

hell yes!!! i've just had a terrible week and getting this stuff is worth all the 18-20 hours i've worked per day since last friday :)

thanks!! and there is 2 songs by Chronic that i never heard before - ME LIKE!

P.S. - A BIG thank you for lots of other stuff as well, I have been really busy lately, so i've been too lazy to write any thanks the last couple of months... THANKS!! D.S.

Anonymous said...

thanx for all the posts !!
Great compilation !!

trAsh said...

yes! yet another one to get me through the work week! Let''s Dance!!!