24 September 2010


Sometimes two days seems like a long time to stay away from UK punk. And then I hear songs like THE ACCUSED's "Live A Lie" and I wonder why I ever left at all. This glorious mix tape starts with four UK82 scorchers from THE ACCUSED, and only gets better from there. POISONED BY ALCOHOL are nothing spectacular, but if you heard it blaring out of a shitty stereo about 2/3 of the way through the party you would likely rush over and try to find out who had made the sounds...and there's something inescapably great about the vocals. THE DREAMS stick out like bikers at a J-Pop show on this tape, but their two tunes are blazing punk rock and roll the likes of which NEW BOMB TURKS perfected a decade later...like NINE POUND HAMMER, M.O.T.O. and EDDIE & THE HOT RODS all getting loaded together, I'm not sure what they are doing on this tape or where/when they are from, but I'm well psyched to hear the tunes. THE SINYX featured a KRONSTADT UPRISING member in a later lineup, but I could give half a shit about that after hearing the brilliantly tinny guitar and snotty vocals that are the focal point for their two songs...great fukkn shit. Flip the tape and get into RIGOR MORTIS (the UK punks, obviously, not the US thrashers); six rippers and an unfortunate cover of "Tequila" (again I ask: why did so many '80s bands insist on adding pointless covers to their demos and live shows?) and STONE THE CROWZ wrap the tape up with five dark pre UK crust numbers. I feel like people who put together mix tapes should sign them so I can give proper credit for an excellent compilation - "Job Well Done!"


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Henk said...

hell yes! that made my day.

i think The Accused also recorded an earlier demo.

Sinyx stuff is from their '85 demo
Stone The Crowz stuff taken from 1st demo (about half of it, you should know cause i believe you've shared that one)

the rest was new stuff to me


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living in the 80s said...

wtf??? is this the same accused from unite skins comp.????? its not similar, its more hardcore punk.
or maybe the skins turned h/c punks??


living in the 80s said...

ooh i forgot to say something about this accused. fucking awesommmmmmmeeeee!!!!

oops, to many weed...

Mark Barker said...

might be an entirely different band but the accused on united skins lp were from Essex an had some sketchy lyrics such as "smash argentina" the guitarist went on to join conflict! rigor mortis might be the orig. bass player from brutal attack..not sure though, the other bands on here are all less sketchy though i'm sure!