30 September 2010


I love the shit out of this band - dual vocal brooding UK anarcho punk whose Bluurg LP is still a frequent spin at TEHQ. SMART PILS were way ahead of their time, enough so that I felt it necessary to include both versions of "Life Cycle," "Iceland" and "Solitary Man" that were on this tape. Worthy of adoration by fans of bands as diverse as SIOUXSIE, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, CRASS and COCTEAU TWINS, it's high time you started counting them amongst your favorites.


TMM said...

I have No Good No Evil and Life cycle tapes.....what else is there???

The intertwining of the vocals on No Good No Evil are enough to choke me up a bit......so perfect

pdxsubvert said...


Anonymous said...

Have got their Lp and a demo or two kicking about but haven't heard them for years. Unfortunately never got to see the band live.
Forgotten how blindingly good the track 'Life Cycle' is. Thanks!

MICHAEL and MIGUEL said...

sorry but it sounds to me they're a goth band and not an anarcho punk, far from it in fact.... Very close to the band 1919 only a lot more fierce

Steve Bemand said...

Hi to The Wizard! Steve Bemand here (AKA Steve Christ of Smartpils). I actually downloaded the S.A.M. demo with Lifecycle etc out of interest and found the quality pretty much equalling my master cassettes.
Also downloaded a No Good No Evil torrent cos my record player died and was itching to hear the music again.
Great to see interest still in our music, funnily enough, there has arisen a possibility of a reunion, I spoke to Richard Chadwick (Little Big Man) about it a couple of days ago. I've been making music on and off with Richard since Smartpils split in 1988. Since then he has been the drummer of Hawkwind. We are all in touch although doing our own things and the suggestion is we play for the bobfest (Bath Oakland Bremen).
I have a (basic) site with smartpil pages at www.swampnet.co.uk

Anonymous said...

they were anarcho punk I have all there demos and the first 3 are anarcho punk