23 September 2010


I don't spend a lot of time posting crust, but don't let that lead you to believe that the genre is not well loved at TEHQ, especially when done as well as this. Wisconsin's PEOPLE AGAIN were active for most of my residency in Milwaukee, and I saw them level more than a few basements, but these two songs are possibly the pinnacle of their output. Charging like a herd of elephants, PEOPLE AGAIN are a full on assault - in line with Europeans like EKKAIA, obviously nodding in the direction of Portland, but with a pace that is relentless and leads more in line with US hardcore than the Swedes so often adored by the melodic crusters of the world. PEOPLE AGAIN dished out a split EP with yesterday's guests SARJAN HASSAN a while back, so it seemed fitting to get their demo up today.

Drummer/vocalist Zak is one of the sometimes drummers for CONQUEST FOR DEATH (he played on the Japan tour tape released last year), and he gave me this tape at the wedding of our guitarist Craig in February. I knew he had given it to me, but somehow between the wedding and home, I fukn lost it. Too ashamed to ask for a replacement, I chalked it up to my bad fortune and got on with my life. Then, in July, I was packing for a trip to Wisconsin to go to Zak's wedding to my dear friend Abby and pulled out my suit. I don't wear a suit often, so it should have come as no surprise when I pulled the PEOPLE AGAIN demo out of the pocket of the jacket. Hooray for weddings! But in case you thought 8 minutes of crust was the best thing to come out of their nuptials, get a load of the sweetest looking matrimonial photo ever:

(elephant hats, in case you were wondering)


Zak said...

I would have given you another copy if you had asked me. But yes, hooray for weddings! Thanks for the kind words!

the wizard said...

As I said...I felt ashamed that I lost it less than an hour after you gave it to me, so I didn't say anything. Besides, I figured the open bar had done it's job and I had just misplaced it somewhere on my person - I was right!

Dan said...

Thanks for the review, good sir!