20 August 2009


1989's self titled debut release from SPERMICIDE sounds years older than it really is. Disjointed and awkward feminist anarcho punk from New Zealand with a militant anti-baby stance voiced in nearly every song ("Big Dick Mother Fucker" being the exception, that song is just anti-man). These girls are not exactly technically proficient, but they are clearly ferocious, and their enthusiasm in evident even in the liner notes of the cassette, where they band proudly states, "This very short tape is SPERMICIDE's first offering to the masses!!! (there will be lots more!)," and inside they take the time to thank me for buying their demo and encourage me to write them letters: "We will reply!!! (try and send a stamp?)". While it's true that maybe they didn't need to record a second reprise version of "B.D.M.F." (though of course I've included it here for your pleasure), I think that Dunedin (south island), New Zealand produced some serious feminist rockers. Like ANTI-SCRUNTI FACTION and BLATZ vacationing in the South Pacific!

(that is the last line to the fourth tune on this demo, the blatantly misspelled and terribly punk "Steralize." I like this demo even more the more I listen to it.)


Paul said...

Haha, good stuff! What's the track order though? You didn't include track numbers.

Hilary said...

I wrote the song "Big Dicked Mother Fucker" and it was about big business destroying the environment!! Well maybe that is not immediately obvious, but it was also an excuse to repeatedly sing (shout) Mother Fucker as fast as possible! Fun.
The Mother in this case was the world.
Funny to find this here. Its a long time ago!! We were appalling but had such a good time, could'nt let those boys have all the fun.
Hilary ex spermacide singer/ drummer.

Anonymous said...

CAN YOU PLEASE RE-UPLOAD THIS. I AM SO DESPERATE FOR IT, Spermicide have been effaced from youtube and i can't find a link anywhere. Also do you have any more information about who these girls are??

the wizard said...


Hilary Rowley said...

We were part of the Ripcorp cooperative in Dunedin, and ran our own venue, "The Nerve centre" with a bunch of other Dunedin punk bands. Members were:
Swan Jelly Bean ( guitar)
Flipper Donovan ( guitar)
Tracey Clement ( Drums, vocals)
Hilary Rowley ( Drums, vocals)
Linda Llama (Bass)

We did do another tape "Nonoxynol 11"
There is possibly a documentary on U tube called something like " The other Dunedin sound" which has interviews, and photos.