06 August 2009


There's a good chunk of information readily available on SHRAPNEL, and several other recordings have been posted (probably these as well), but these tracks are just too fucking great for me to chalk it up to "everyone has probably heard this," and move on to something else (although tomorrow's post is gonna be a true killer.) These tracks made up SHRAPNEL's 4th demo, recorded in 1986 for (I think) a split with SYMBOL OF FREEDOM, who were also from Wales and shared a member with SHRAPNEL later on. I especially enjoy the drums on "Root Of All Evil," they seem like they are trying so hard, and only succeeding about 75% of the time. The audio dips out for a second during "They Are All Wrong," hopefully because someone drunkenly pressed record on a boom box in Wales in 1987 (a fella can dream, can't he?). Charging UK anarcho punk that will have your fist waving furiously, tuck in.


Doug said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! this site looks very promising, will definitely be checking it out!

music not noise said...

I'd love to hear this shrapnel tape if you wouldn't mind giving it a new link (when you get back, of course)

the wizard said...

re-upped...Sorry for the wait.