31 August 2009


Noise chaos punx from PDX. NERVESKADE worship at the altars of DISORDER and Japanese noise, and manage to recreate the sound and the anxious vibe almost perfectly. The bassline in "Screams" makes it the highlight track for me, but "System Hell" and "Alcoholic Overfed" will make any noise punk grin from ear to ear. They are touring the west coast in October with D-CLONE, and they have a new EP. You should go see them, and you should buy it. Get out your glue.


Aesop said...

Was gonna get it for that brilliant art and then saw the words "Disorder" "Japanese Noise" and "D-Clone" and I my pants got really tight in the front.

chongita said...

Tonight at SUB/Mission Gallery in SF!


Walk said...

I like this tape a lot but the dude also gave me a Perdition tape that I jam way more often than this one. Sometimes I listen that Perdition tape at work and I just want to destroy everything. Gosh, I should be sleeping.

yellow.eyes said...

This band was killer live

Anonymous said...

this band just finished recording a 12" ep i hear...

Anonymous said...

Can someone offer the actual track order. Not included in the file. Thanks in advance.

the wizard said...

here you go:
A1. intro
A2. Nerveskade
A3. Germ Warfare
A4. Screams
A5. Bombs
B1. Alcoholic Overfed
B2. System Hell
B3. Endless Fight
B4. Work
B5. Nothing But Shit

For whatever reason I can't figure out how to "imbed" track listings in the tapes I rip, so then itunes just lists them alphabetically. damn technology!

Nerveskade said...

Hey everyone..Nerveskade is touring this spring. New 12" EP and a 2 song single out for the tour.

May 2010
14 - Seattle
15 - PDX @ Black Water Records w/Free Radicalz, more
17 - Arcata
18 - Sacramento @ Axewave Manor
19 - SF
20 - East Bay
21 - LA
22 - Garden Grove
23 - Phoenix
24 - Albuquerque
25 - El Paso
26 - Dallas @ Club 1919 w/ Kyklooppein Sukupuutto, La Urss, Unit 21
27 - Austin - CHAOS IN TEJAS FEST @ Emo's w/Crow, Talk is Poison, Kyklooppein Sukupuutto, etc
29 - Party
30 - Party
31 - Hangover
1 - Denver
2 - SLC
3 - Reno
4 - PDX @ 20th and Oak w/tba