21 August 2009

anyone got any IDEAS?

The text on the tape reads: "SAMPLE TAPE, IDEAS PRODUCTS LTD." Thats it.
This is clearly a rehearsal or live tape, and the quality reflects that, I tried to EQ the recording as much as I could, but I'm pretty low tech here at TEHQ. The songs are slow to mid tempo UK anarcho punk, and it sounds like they are being delivered by teenagers, but I don't even have song titles to help solve the mystery of IDEAS. Personal favorites include the sixth song (called "Straightjacket," I think) and the fifth, which sounds like a slowed down Riot City Records style track. I have another IDEAS demo to post at a later date, I don't know anything about that one either. I am a fucking fountain of information, aren't I?


Henk said...

yeah the file ending was wrong when i downloaded this hours ago.

all i did was adding .rar to the end of the file name and it opened nicely.

another great find.

WIZARD: this one have pretty low volume (which I've fixed on my computer, do you want me to upload the files with higher volume and give you the link?)

Henk said...

By the way- do you have anything on tape by *Audio Torture*?

I also seem to have some gaps to *Organized Chaos* (I do have the '81 demo 6 tracks, V/A wessex 7" track, V/A Riotous Assembly LP track and the practice + live tracks from the BluurG tape, but when finding the song 'Brain Damage' on the V/A Is Music Dead? comp *thanks Gabe!!* I just can't get it out of my head. Even my frog (pet) seem to like it cause he sings very loud every time i play it *or if he mean TURN THAT SHIT OFF!!! , I don't speak Argentina frog language*

the wizard said...

IDEAS mp3s re-zipped and reloaded to mediafire. The mp3s themselves all play fine, let me know if there if are still problems.

as for Audio Torture and/or Organized Chaos...i'm doing some re-organizing today, so i'll search!!


Henk said...

Don't get me wrong on that, i'm happy enough with the uploads you do, but the Audio Torture stuff seem to be impossible to find.

In my notes the Audio Torture tape would be BluurG Tapes 2 and probably a live show from Bath, Warminster Community Centre sometime in the year 1980.

Another top wants from the BluurG Tapes (#5 and #6) is the Wild Youth live tapes, and of course the #1 live tape by Stupid Humans!

But as I said - no worries, I'm happy enough (well happy) for anything you upload...

And speaking of BLuurG Tapes- if anyone reading this and know the title of #73 + #88 / and any catalogue # above 108, please give me a note, will ya?