27 August 2009


(I know that the spelling here is different than the spelling of both the Kronstadt rebellion and KRONSTADT UPRISING, the band that appeared on Bullshit Detector as well as their EP on Spiderleg. I only transferred their own incorrect spelling of 'Krondstadt' from the cassette cover, as you can see.)

KRONSTADT UPRISING slip under a lot of folks' radar, but their limited recorded output is brilliant dark anarcho punk. 3/4 of the band spent time in the short lived BLEEDING PYLES, but KRONSTADT themselves switched members around quite a bit, and after this demo vocalist Spencer Blake was gone, and vocal duties were handled by guitarist Paul Lawson. These tracks, from the first recording in 1981 sound disjointed and awkward, and even after trying to decipher what exactly is going on, I'm still not entirely sure if the guitars are played through a bizarre effect or if perhaps the bass guitar is just horribly out of tune. Spencer's vocals are so thick and accented that I think one might actually have to be from Essex to really understand everything he is saying. Regardless, these tracks fucking rule, and "Anthem For Doomed Youth" is one of my favorite examples of furiously angry and frustrated UK punk; the drums simply cannot keep up with the pace of the song, and the vocals are just spewed forth with such urgency that any semblance of timing or rhythm is long forgotten. "Receiver Deceiver" was the track that KRONSTADT featured on Bullshit Detector vol. 2, but I've never seen any of these tracks elsewhere before I came across this tape. For your pleasure and mine, if anyone comes across a scan of the cover (if there was one), that would be totally sweet. Cheers...


Henk said...

Thanks. I did not have the track 'Anthem...', but I do have some others you might be interested in.

Will upload when time too. (I.E. not today - got my job back a few hours ago and want to celebrate it as first choice)

They were actually spelled like that on the Bullshit Detector Two LP, see that logo on my site http://uk82.150m.com/bands/kronstadt.html
(not as fancy looking as other sites I guess... And yes I nicked that comp tape scan from here ;) *hope it's OK?*, as most of the others as well...)

Thank's alot for this one, some of the songs is much better sound.

Stuart said...

Here is what I wrote about K.U.'s tune in my article on the "Bullshit Detector" comps:

Kronstadt Uprising released a cool 7" and a bad 7". This song has abrasive basement sound and an angry singer. Pretty cool. A little long.

Brilliant, right?

Can't wait to hear the whole tape. DLing now.

Henk said...
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the wizard said...

Gabe: not sure what the recurring problem is? i downloaded straight from the link before i posted, and it worked just fine. could it be a mac/PC issue? can I make the problems go away?

Henk: thanks for (at least temporarily) fixing the issue.

Stuart: the Bullshit Detector reviews are stellar! and your comments on KU are pretty much perfect. The band probably shouldn't have bothered with "KU: Phase Two, The Suck Years 1984-?" and the newer Shit-fi shits are excellent of course.

Rtomhet said...

Check out this link


It has two Kronstadt Uprising songs that came out around the "Unknown Revolution" time that no one really knows about. Pretty good since they did not make many songs as that version of the band since they changed dramatically after "Unknown Revolution."