10 August 2009


There's this dude from Argentina named Tommy Del Mar, he is an artist and all 'round super sweet dude. Tommy came to San Francisco a few times in the 90s, and immediately acquired a pretty enthusiastic fan base amongst our friends here. In 2002 on a tour of Brasil, imagine our excitement when we pulled up to a show and there was Tommy, waiting for us outside. Even better, he was living in Brasil, and his band was on tour, and they were hoping to jump onto the show that we were playing that night! Fast forward the story through weird club owners, uptight show promoter and add a smattering of scene politics being discussed in rapid fire Portuguese, and Tommy's band didn't share the stage with us that night. In fact, I don't even remember if they stayed for the show at all, his bandmates understandably soured by their treatment.
Why do you care (if you care at all of course)? Tommy's band is 7 MAGNIFICOS, and the demo that he handed me when we parted ways 7 years ago (the last time I saw him) is the one that I am posting today. 7 MAGS are an anomaly in hardcore; they are genuinely original, and rarely, if ever, on this demo can I claim that they sound like anyone else at all. The songs are blended together brilliantly, and it really does feel like you've listened to one concise statement instead of 17 songs. How perfect are the stampeding elephants after the 4 second burst of "Ren Ha Ga"? These tracks appeared on a CD as well, with a "better" recording, but I almost never pull it out, this tape provides me with far too much joy to sour the experience with one of those round shiny things. I know this isn't from the UK, and even worse, it was recorded in the last 10 years, but 7 MAGS are fucking brilliant, and I hope you enjoy:

Also included in the download is their first recording session from 2000. There are 11 more tunes, and while they might not flow together quite as well as the "Per I Qualche..." demo, it's still a killer document of a brilliant band.


Christiani said...

Nice! They've played in Brazil once... I have one tape blog too! Kiss

Kaneda said...

se cayeron ambos links. podras re-subirlos?
gracias por compartir estos discazos!

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