12 August 2009


Portsmouth punks circa 1981-84, ACID ATTACK graced us with two demos. This is the second, self titled, tape recorded about a year before the band split up. Especially for a young band playing relatively simple UK82 mid tempo punk, ACID ATTACK's guitar work is fucking brilliant, and the ever-so-slightly off kilter vocals really give this release something special. I also recommend their 1982 demo Sulphuric, which is available here. Personal fave is "Warsaw," though the chorus to "Dancing In The Fallout Zone" is pretty damned punk...enjoy!


Curious Guy said...

Hi Wizard,
here's the 2nd demo of P.M.T. Thanks to you I re-discovered the band. It was ages since I listened to them.
Sorry, no cover. Don't have the original copy.

Henk said...

Thanks! I already had this one and their 1st demo but I see I got beaten by others to share it.

Could I please have a full scan of the cover of this tape for my uk82-site? (link below)


Cheers/ Henk

the wizard said...

Thanks all...i'll link to your sites for both the first ACID ATTACK and the second PMT, cheers for that!

i wish that i had the full cover, but the tape was made by a band member for an old friend of mine, so there's nothing on the front but titles, and the address is on the back. it's great reading the notes that came along with the tapes from so long ago...just the usual "looking forward to the gig next weekend" stuff, but from a whole different time.

Anonymous said...

Hi all ...... acid attack Facebook page here: