26 August 2009


Super noisy, fucked up one man punk from the Pacific Northwest. Guitar, drum machine and vocals are all that ASHAME need to make a pretty massive ruckus, a ruckus that is almost constantly out of tune and off time. In a different time and from a different place, this personal assault might be called art, but perhaps it's really just a total fucking mess made in some dude's bedroom. I would try it while eating cereal, or perhaps toast.

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Doug said...

i would like to send you some tapes of unheard punk rock from northeast tennessee and the surrounding region. bands like Assgasm, Apocalyptic Urinal, Carmalita, The Goddamn Blue Ribbon, and more.

i love tapes. i was so bummed when the tape player in my van stopped working.
anyways, i would love to send music that was created in this area to get it more exposure. please get in touch with me through my myspace (www.myspace.com/dougpukeface) or email pukeface62@hotmail.com.
thanks, and this blog is always good. keep it up.