06 August 2009


So, I pretty much use Chris and KFTH as my gauge for how much time I should or should not spend researching a new, unknown (to me) band. If he doesn't know shit about them, then chances are really good that my unconnected ass isn't going to do much better. Perhaps this is a good idea, but then again, perhaps I am just lazy. Today's SIZZORZ post makes me think I might be lazy, because the title of this demo is clearly Land Of The Free, but here it's listed as a self titled tape. uh-oh.
SIZZORZ are textbook anarcho punk, hailing from Wales circa 1982-3, these tracks are moody, kinda dark, slightly off kilter, and totally punk, even if their logo looks like it was ripped off from a late 80s surf company.

As a very important and rather personal side note, today I discovered that my favorite taqueria has gone out of business. For those of you who have never spent time in San Francisco, I realize that this might not seem like a very big deal, but for the people who HAVE spent time here (or live here), you certainly understand that this is a terrible situation. Surely, Casa Mexicana can serve me a satisfactory burrito, and of course Papa Lote dishes up a fine side container of table salsa, but they are not MY taqueria, and therefore I will feel a little lost until I can settle into a new place. A place that can wrap black refried beans and Spanish rice inside a wheat tortilla with just the right amount of tofu (with ranchero sauce)...a place with the salsa bar that has avocado salsa...a place where the guy is always rude and the ladies are always kinda distant and disinterested...a place where you have to walk right through the kitchen (past the guy making tomorrow's black refried beans), just to go to the bathroom. A place where the perfect food comes in a fucking tube.

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