15 August 2009


Wisconsin, USA, has grown killer punk and hardcore since the early 80s. The pedigree on Midwestern punk in general in extensive, but Wisconsin specifically has a rap sheet of contributions as long as my proverbial arm. There's the obvious (DIE KREUZEN, MECHT MENSCH, TAR BABIES, CLITBOYS), the lesser known (PROSECUTORS, LUBRICANTS, RPMs), and then the 90s brought us ANIMAL FARM, DEMISE, DAMITOL and scores more. But what, you ask (or don't ask, I plan to answer regardless) has Wisconsin done for us lately? If you like hardcore, then it's done an awful lot. In the 00s, the America's Dairyland has spawned FURY OF 1,000 ZEUSES (unknown, yes, but please check this band out!!), PROTESTANT, HOLY SHIT, WORDS THAT BURN, CATHOLIC BOYS, DIOS MIO, NORTHLESS, GET RAD, CHINESE TELEPHONES and so many more it's impossible to count them, much less list them all. Obviously I'm biased, as I spent many many hours in damp foul smelling basements in Wisconsin, but this state has produced some of the finest underappreciated punk and hardcore that the US has to offer. Enter SELDON CRISIS, from Richfield, WI. Raw and distorted blasts of snotty hardcore punk from the Heartland of America. There are folks here from a few other, more known, bands, but really, would mentioning BEAR PROOF SUIT get anyone all charged up? Didn't think so. Fucking get into this, it rules.

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