07 December 2010


1) This tape was apparently recorded in 1985. It says it was recorded in 1985, and I'm not one to start calling a tape a liar because that would make me appear crazy...since tapes can't talk and therefore can't tell lies.
2) The internet tells me that there was a UK '77 band also called WARSAW PAKT, spelled the same way. The internet also never lies, so I presume this to be true as well.
3) It's possible that these WARSAW PAKTS are the same WARSAW PAKT, but it seems unlikely, since '77-'85 would have been a pretty long run for UK punk bands.
4) The guitars here sound like they were lifted off a CHROME record.
5) The combination of CHROME and UK punk is an excellent idea, even if it was an accident.
6) I do not know the names of these songs (the tape didn't tell me), I just know they are good.
7) That is all for today.

8) Actually that wasn't all.
9) I would like to have 200 "followers" by the end of the month, so if you look at Terminal Escape on a regular or semi-regular basis, please click Follow in the top left corner of your screen. It is a pointless goal, but it would make me happy nonetheless. 
10) Don't you want me to be happy?
11) Now, that is all.


Slobodan Burgher said...

You make me very happy by providing rips of tapes that I have sitting in review pile when there is no tape player nearby hahaha

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138 said...

Insane. Amounts. Of. Followers. Hail. Legions. Rise.

gonuts for gonads said...

i hopes this pleases ya! i'm officially been branded sheep!NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAGGHRRRRRRRRRRRRARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henk said...

first of all - the vocalist. who is he FUCKING reminding me of? (the guy from THE CAUSE maybe?)

just a guess, cheers for this awesome tape...


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This comment has been removed by the author.
Zachary said...

I WANT to follow, I'd like nothing more. What else could I possibly do that could matter? But...there is no "follow" anywhere on my screen. Is my computer bad? Am I?

zachary said...

Nevermind. Not bad, just dumb. Found it.

Henk said...

here's one for you zachary - the betty swollox band


this is something to follow (+follow up). seems like this bunch is the old 'The Commited' 'ey?

hehe. i'm going back to my bear nest and have some 6 month sleep (like i do every 6 month heh?)..

Cheers /Henk

Anonymous said...

This looks like one of my tapes with tracks from the Warsaw Pakt album 'Needletime'. Just curious where you found it/got it from?
Andy Colquhoun