09 September 2018


CFD played with these mutants in Sacramento in 2007ish, and it still ranks as one of the most fun sets I've ever seen. Only other time I saw them was with SUICIDE BOMB and a shitty Euro band...and that set also makes the list. Fast, snotty, hopelessly hook-filled punk...I like this the same way I like a few SCREECHING WEASEL tracks (except I don't have to hide my affinity for WHIZBANG). I like this the same fun b/w party way I like OiL!, but there are Reatard level chops and SPITS level wit in here too...it's that good. I like this the same way I even admit that RAMONES have some pretty essential tracks (I still contend they are over rated). All influences displayed plainly on "I Love SPAZZ," by far the poppiest ditty on the tape, about Lori (future-RAD, SICK BURN) going to see her "favorite band tonight." Celebrate the next nine minutes of your day, and celebrate loudly. 

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