16 September 2018


During their existence, I feel like NEGATIVE STANDARDS were an absolute force that grew and grew, but always exerted itself (or, in this case, themselves) mysteriously. They toured heavily, if not relentlessly, and their live shows set in front of a wall of televisions were always an intense spectacle. But there was never any hype either from them or surrounding them....they just always were. As if simply because Al and Will had been in ACTS OF SEDITION together it felt like NEGATIVE STANDARDS had just always been there. They were acknowledged, even revered, and they worked their asses off...and then they stopped. A demo, two LPs and a formidable split with WHITEHORSE - then they closed the lid. 2015's Fetters was their final recording, a massive collection of raging crust and black metal riffs and noise/samples and colossal sludge, with Will's voice urging everything ever faster. I confess that I'm almost glad that they were a moment...because it was a really good moment.

Speaking of good moments, I watched Will get married to his partner of ten years last night, and it was fukkn beautiful. 

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Chris said...

Thanks for sharing. Forgot about this band. Do you know if they released songs titled "XII" and "XIII"? I have an album with tracks VI - XI and then this album you posted goes XIV - XXIII. Thanks, again.