10 September 2018



I was trying to edit this tape last night, but I was distracted by a professional sports contest and is it really my fault that these fukkrs make it hard to discern which track is "Self Taught: Lesson Two" and which song is "Crooning >/= Small Dick"? No, it's not my fault. these fukkrs need to enunciate and help the rest of us out, but they chose not to (back in 2006), so you get a .zip file with some rrrrripping hardcore tracks mostly titled "truth" and if you listen properly you will not care two shits what any of the songs might be called. Because fukkn mutant hardcore rules, and sometimes you get distracted by sports and shit. TRUTHDEALER was a Milwaukee band who dealt in powerful blasts of knuckle dragging weirdo hardcore, like if some weed obsessed power violence dudes suddenly discovered BIG BOYS and then were like "Yo - who's BAD MUTHA GOOSE?!?!" Exactly - it's weird. And it's awesome. And song titles are for squares and/or Bears. 

Some of the people involved in this band may or may not have been involved in a band who may or may not have played basement shows in Milwaukee while Green Bay Packers game broadcasts took a break for halftime...that's either weird or epic. Or both. Probably both. 

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