21 September 2018


The concept is simple: a side filled with bands associated with the Blow Blood label and a flip side of bands from Cleveland, Ohio. The raw punk offerings here are perhaps the highlight for me, but I confess that EEL and SCAB EATER sound even tougher with MASSES taking space between them. Represented Cleveland acts include WETBRAIN, RUBBER MATE, PARTY PLATES, SHORT ORDER, PRISON MOAN and a coupla others ("Shit In The Badlands" from PERVERTS AGAIN probably takes this side, but again it's the context of the track in these surroundings that really makes it work), while Blow Blood UNPEOPLE, CAUCASOID, GROTTO, VANILLA POPPERS and the three mentioned at the start of this missive. It's a cool idea for a comp -  the construstion and execution are fukkn great...and there are a lot of songs  here that make you want to break shit, so that's cool. Apparently compiled and distributed in some association with Distort fanzine, but that's mostly a guess.

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