08 September 2018


While I can't really put my finger on what makes this different, I can surely figure out why HEINEKENT is good. Pure chaos in sonic form, these Swedes take raw and brutal hardcore and fill the cracks with sample laden dual vocal grind and make even the mosh stomps sound like pure neanderthal madness (take "Dynofet & Snuskig," for example). Maybe it's noteworthy simply because tracks like "Fyllcell" really just sound like they should be Scandicrust bangers but HEINEKENT simply can't reign themselves in (though "Supa Ner En Zombie" is textbook, and the lead is so perfect that it makes me wonder if it's actually just a pisstake). It's noisy, it often lacks cohesion, sometimes the high vocals are a little much....and then "Ambitioner Ska Bestraffas" drops and you hear those weird fukkn trade offs and you realize that maybe the problem is that you are not quite enough. 

Perhaps after spending the next 25 minutes blasting 25 tracks of true freak crust you will want more HENEKENT. I would say that is likely. Find true freak crusters here

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