25 September 2018


I don't know anything about background at all, except that this tape came to me in a batch that was primarily Japanese hardcore and Argentinian pop punk....so your guess is as good as mine (yes, I used The Google and I still came up with nothing). I think the early grunge parallels are unintentional and/or incidental - a product of shared influences rather than a common goal - just as the Gary Floyd-esque vocals are quite probably the result of a dude filled with soul and going wild more than a band trying to emulate some '80s American punks and the high energy melodic (but still filthy) "Teenage Spew" could be a track off the first FACE TO FACE 12" but still you kinda feel like these kids weren't at all familiar with SoCal bro punk. At its root, this tape is just off the rails punk rock 'n roll, with tons of energy, tons of tempo changes, and a heavy, deliberate rhythm (if not deliberately heavy) section, but when they unleash (as on "My Nose" about halfway through this banger) the results are pretty damned killer.

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