28 September 2018


Ross is amassing a serious future Killed By Oklahoma series, and hopefully this cassette is just the start. Presented with zero background information (just a list of bands - not even a track listing, you fukkr), I'll let myself believe that Trapped In Oklahoma is just a teaser for the (inevitable?) real thing that will someday grace my turntable. 30 minutes of seminal Oklahoma punk and hardcore from a couple of acts who have graced these pages in the past (DEATH PUPPY, FACE FIRST), plus crucial bangers from CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, 151 BLACK BATS, VIOLENT CONSPIRACY, NO DIRECTION, NOTA and fucking HOSTAGES (can ANYONE get me a copy of that 12"? Please?That thing is light years ahead of its time). Most of the included material is extremely raw, but that's kinda the way it's supposed to sound - nothing polished in sight, just desperate music passed from hand to hand for 30 fucking years until some fool was smart enough to share it with the rest of us. Thanks, Ross. 


HarderThanYou said...

No song titles?

the wizard said...

Exactly the way it was presented to me. Happy hunting!!

Sinpunk said...

Love hearing old bands from Oklahoma , I lived there for a while in the mid 90s and got to see a few bands(Brother Inferior , Subsanity , N.O.T.A.) . Moved away then moved back and seen lots of bands play at the U.C. house in Norman (Uranium Death Crow , Snotrokitz , Drunk On Sunday , A Fate Far Worse , I Resign ,etc). There are so many bands . Do you have anything else from Oklahoma ? I would love to hear more .