24 September 2018


Piercing, raw, nasty....and fukkn fast. Even though the approach is pure high speed crasher/chaos punk, Melbourne's SISTEMA EN DECADENCIA share as much sonic common ground with fierce industrial/hard dance acts as with your average noise beat warriors. The snare fills in "Culpables" are like Mind....-era MINISTRY surrounded by swirling chaotic high end guitars while Carlos's vocals just sound manic and desperate, especially the repetition at the end of "Sin Religion." And all of this means that when they drop into their version of a galloping DBeat it sounds even more deadly. They rarely hold that pace for long - just a few bars of fist pounding fury before they fly off the handle again - resulting in a whirlwind of mania interrupted by a few brief moments that you can cling onto. But don't let go, because this 6 1/2 minute ride is fukkn wild. 

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