01 September 2018


I like when things lay themselves in front of me that I would normally be inclined to walk right past. Maybe I still keep walking....but maybe I pay a little more attention than I would have. I liked the TROUBLED SLEEP cover art, reminds me of a picture that used to hang on the wall in our old house, so I paid a little more attention and I am glad that I did. The sounds are pure early '90s college/indie bliss a la Simple Machines, and they harness a young John K level songwriting (and in some cases, the lyrics are approaching that level also), and the four songs here led me to the internet (hint: you're already halfway there!) where I found song after song after song and got lost for an excellent couple of hours. The four tracks on their 2011 cassette are a great place to start. 

I don't think that we'll hang out
but maybe i'll see you around
or maybe i'll move somewhere new
'cause without you, fuck this town.

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